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A Great Place to Live

I have lived in Millstone for over 13 years and it was the best decision I made, building my home and raising my children here. With the parks, farms and beautiful lakes, it is home.
Where you can find seasonal hunting/fishing, boating kayaking, horseback riding, an RC field and seasonal mountain biking
Centrally located in Monmouth County, its location enables quick and easy access to major highways, movie theaters, shopping and jumping on Hwy 195 you are 15 to 20 minutes to the shore!
Driving thru Millstone you can't help but take it all in, the peace, serenity and beauty of the area.
I have been working with buyers that are looking to purchase here and I don't blame them. I feel so good about selling the area besides a home in Millstone.
If you are considering purchasing a home, consider Millstone. I'm happy I did.
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Free Rabies Clinic


Don't pass this one up!


Sponsored by the Monmouth County Board of Health

Millstone Township will be holding a

free Rabies Clinic on:

DATE: Saturday, January 23, 2016

TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 899 Perrineville Rd.

For more information call 732-446-4249 x 1702

Millstone Real Estate



Ralph Mesce your Millstone Realtor Expert

Millstone Real Estate

I have lived in Millstone Township, Clarksburg area, since 2001. It was the one of the best decisions I made. Millstone is a beautiful place, with farms, hill and parks. Great place to raise a family.

Millstone Township




Ralph Mesce your Millstone Realtor Expert

Some History

Millstone Township is located in the southwestern section of Monmouth County New Jersey.  Our first residents were the Lenape Indians. Later the Europeans came to clear land for homesteads, which became our farmlands.Our town is named after the Millstone River that originates in the Township. 

 The municipality was formed and incorporated in1844. With a grand total of 23,700 acres or 37.36 miles of rolling countryside located in the heart of New Jersey.


The Township, was comprised of several historic villages. They were known as Cars Tavern, Holmeson, Smithburg, Sweetman, Bergen Mills, Bairdsville, Stone Tavern, Clarksburg, and Perrineville. Only the last two remain today. Clarksburg was said to be settled in the pre-Revolutionary.

Millstone Township is rich in history, during the American Revolutionary War, Millstone Township held a secret post for the Continental army. It was called Signal Beacon #21. That was made possible because our landscape contains many high hills. General George Washington used the Rising Sun Tavern as an outpost during the war.

The tavern was our first place of business, accommodating such travelers as Benjamin Franklin and Joseph Bonaparte. Unfortunately, this historic building was lost to age many years ago, was located on a Stagecoach route and used by many weary travelers as a main route to Philadelphia and a direct route to Freehold.

President Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed our countryside surrounding so much; he had a presidential retreat here. Today there are two buildings that are listed on the National Register of historic places. They are the Clarksburg Episcopal Methodist Church that was built in 1845 and now owned by the Township. The second is the Clarksburg four-room schoolhouse that was built in 1923 and presently is the new home for all the municipal offices.

Millstone unique among it's neighbors, keeps an equal balance between our farmland and new development. Millstone does its best to save the old along with the new and to keep our countryside green and our waters free from pollution. Calling itself an "environmentally concerned community", a standard we try very hard to live up to. They also hold that high standard in our school system, and it shows in the fine students and grades it produces. Its no wonder this area is a very desirable place to raise a family. Whether it's preserving the land or the past, we strive to protect the precious gift we call home.

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